At CrossFit Beo we strive for excellence for our athletes.  Our Competition Program is designed to take an extra step towards specialized training to offer our athletes more specific programming.  This includes one on one technique, deficiency evaluation and correction, and specialized accessory work.  Our coaches will work with you to provide instruction and technique to improve your movement skills and ultimately get stronger and more efficient moving heavy weights.
The Competition Program focuses training around a classic, proven strength tool – the barbell.
Athletes work specifically on the Snatch, the Clean, the Jerk, the Squat as well as the Press, Dead Lift, Bench Press and Thruster.  We believe in power in all aspects of movement and sport.  The best way to develop this power is through Olympic and Power Weightlifting. “Oly” Lifting requires speed, agility, balance, accuracy, strength and flexibility, several of our 10 general physical skills in CrossFit. Power lifting has specific rules but your results go far beyond conventional lifting.  Olympic lifts such as the Snatch and the Clean and Jerk will develop speed through the core, which will support and benefit all other movements in the training realm and in your respective sport (football, basketball, rugby, lacrosse, hockey, soccer, track & field, ect.).  Our Olympic Lifting platforms are the spot for you to train your power, strength, flexibility, agility, speed, balance, and accuracy.  The accessory work is programmed to help athletes develop strength and proficiency in these lifts. Mobility work is also offered and encouraged.
Competition Program is for anyone looking to become more proficient in these lifts.  The small group training offers the opportunity for very individualized attention and coaching.  This program is ideal for athletes looking to compete and looking for mastery of these lifts with additional gains in strength.
Competition Program Schedule:
People in our Competition Program are able to go through the workouts and movements with regular class and will have specific programming designed for higher level training.